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Tutorial's Center Point(TCP) is one of the best idea and a website which contains tutorials about programming languages and other skills. People can learn basic level of programming language like PHP, HTML, CSS to the most advanced level from this site. TCP is an Educational site which provides professional and latest tutorials and trending news on technology, computer, programming and much more.

Our Vision

Vision behind TT is to help and educate those peoples who are passionate about computer programming, websites, Blogging etc.



Mr. Shashi Kumar Lamsal

He is a Founder and CEO at TCP, he is an Computer Engineer and a Full Stack Programmer by Profession & Soul. He is also a CEO at Standard institute of Technology. He is very passionate about Programming and Technologies. He have about five years plus of experience in Back-end & Front-end Development. He is one of the Senior Software Engineer at Cricflame Pvt. Ltd.

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