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jQuery can be defined as a cross-platform JavaScript library which is designed for the purpose of simplifying the client-side scripting of the markup language called HTML. The library is used by more than 60 percentage websites. It is the most popular ad most used JavaScript library at his moment. The main reason behind its success is also it being open-source software. It has been licensed under MIT license and the latest stable version which was the 2.1.2 was released lately in the year 2014 on 18th of December.

The main purpose of designing jQuery’s syntax is to make the process of navigating to a document easier. It also helps in making the process of selecting DOM elements and creating animations easier. It also contributes in making handling events and developing Ajax applications simpler and more efficient. It also helps the developers to create plug-ins. It is mostly used for the purpose of creating powerful dynamic web pages and also the web applications.


JQuery was released in the year 2006 on January. It was released at the BarCamp NYC by the person named as John Resign. Dean Edwards was responsible for influencing it with the css Query. Several versions of the library have been released and new packages always come with the new features which are very useful for the developers. The first stable version which was the 1.0 version was released in the year 2006 on 26th of August. Then the next version which was the 1.1 followed in the year 2007 on 14th of January. 1.2 versions then came out the same year on 10th of September. The 1.3 version came in the year 2010 on 14th of January and the sizzle selector engine was introduced with the core in this version. The library file was of 55.9 KB in that version. The 2.0 person improve different features and one of them was the improvements and reduction in the file size. Before that version the 1.11 version had a size of 93.5 KB which was reduced to 81.1 in the 2.0 version. The latest version is the 2.1 version which came in the year 2014 on the 24th of January and it was sized 82.2 KB.


jQuery has several features which are listed below:

  1. It has a feature in which DOM element selections can be done by using the multi-browser open source selector engine which is called Sizzle and it is a spin-off of the jQuery project.
  2. It has a feature which is DOM manipulation which is based on CSS selectors used the elements names and attributes.
  3.  Events.
  4. Effects and animations are also one of its key features.
  5. AJAX.
  6. JSON parsing.
  7. Plug-ins which can be used for extensibility.
  8. Utilities like user agent information and feature detection.
  9. Compatibility methods and the multi-browser are the most important features.

 Basic Example:


HTML Document (demo.html)
<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8"/>
    <title>CP Tutorials</title>
    <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
        $(document).ready(function () {
            $("button").click(function () {
<h1>Example of jQuery</h1>
<p>About CP Tutorials</p>
<p>tutorialscenterpoint.com is one of the best idea and a website which contains tutorials about web designing, web
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    courses and other skills.</p>
<p>Click to see effect</p>

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