HTML Introduction

Introduction to HTML

  1. HTML simply stands for Hypertext Markup language.  
  2. HTML is used to create web pages where users can use predefined markup HTML tags. 
  3. Use of HTML tags make user easy to create required web content.  
  4. Markup tags are describing document content however HTML content are enclosed within open  and closed markup tags. 


About Tag

Tag <p> and Tag </P> are two tag, first one (<p>) is the open tag of paragraph and (</p>) is the closed tag of paragraph. The content for paragraph should be written between two tags as follows

<p> we are at </p>	

When browser find the HTML documents then it starts reading the HTML document moreover it display the content inside the tags but not the tags. HTML has its own structural semantics to create web pages.


Example of HTML


    <title>HTML Introduction</title>

    <h1 align="left">TCP</h1>
    <p align="left">Tutorial’s Center Point is the one of the best tutorial site. You can find all the required information about the HTML. </p>



Output of Example